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Rink Board

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Fire Department

The Elgin Fire Department consists of 13 volunteer firemen, 5 of which are Level 1 firefighters. All of the firemen have First Aid and CPR knowledge and are trained in modern day firefighting.

The fire truck holds 500 gallons of water as well as all their tools and breathing apparatuses. Extra water trucks are at their disposal when needed.

Lions Club

The Lions mees every month.

The Elgin and Area Lions Club celebrated their 25th anniversary in the fall of 2009.

The Lions established a recycling depot in Elgin 15 years ago. Products being recycled are paper, cardboard, plastics and metals. Glass is collected and crushed. The glass is available to the general public who use it for many applications including around buildings and granaries for rodent control, filling pot holes, and putting around trees.

The Elgin and Area Lions Club has kept 9100 kg of garbage out of the local landfill in 2008.

The Lions also collect car batteries and used eyeglasses. The eyeglasses are then sent to third world countries.