Established in 1898, Elgin is located on Highway #23 and it is 16 kms West of Highway #10.

Elgin has much to offer, including:

  • Modern and historical homes
  • Water and sewer
  • Garbage collection
  • Church
  • Recreational facilities
  • Volunteer fire department
  • Community store
  • Lions club
  • New playground in 2009
  • Newly renovated community hall
  • Museum
  • Hunting and fishing area
  • Serviced lots available for building

Annual events include:

  • Curling bonspiel in January
  • Fall supper in October
  • Quiz night
  • Christmas family dance
  • U.C.W. Christmas supper

United Church

The Elgin United Church located on Peterborough Ave was built in 1906 as Grace Methodist.  In 1921 the congregations of Grace Methodist and Knox Presbyterian United and became Elgin United Church.

At the present time Elgin and Souris form a pastoral charge with service in Elgin at 9:30 a.m. from September to June. The Sunday School welcomes children of all ages.

The United Church women meet once a month for fellowship and to arrange for fundraising to support the church and Mission and Service; and foster a child in Ethiopia; Samaritan House as well as other charities.  They also serve food at funerals in the church and keep the church building clean.

The church welcomes everyone!


Elgin is located in the Southwest Horizon School Division. Children in Elgin have the unique choice of attending either Hartney or Souris schools. Both are modern up to date schools with great after school sports activities. Check out their website at www.shmb.ca.

Elgin Investors Group

In 1990 approximately 100 people from the community formed the Elgin Investors Group by pooling their money together they were able to purchase the land and building at 127 Main Street, thus ensuring that Elgin has a gather place and store.

Over the years many people have rented their building, currently their building houses a restaurant, postal services, groceries, gas and liquor vendor.

Elgin Community Rink

Curling, skating and hockey have always been a highlight of the winter.

New skating and curling rinks were built during the sixties. The natural ice is put in December and usually lasts until late March.

A curling bonspiel is held once a year in January and is open to all ages. There are full kitchen facilities where curlers can enjoy a hot meal prepared by the local ladies.

Ice Rental fees are:

Per Game $60.00
Per Hour $40.00
Curling and Skating Per Day $200.00
Skating Per Day $100.00

For ice rental or more info call 204-769-2170

Recreational Improvement Committee of Elgin (R.I.C.E)

With the growing population of young families with children moving to Elgin, a need was seen for a new playground. R.I.C.E. is currently fundraising for the new equipment.

The new playground is currently in the process of being built and will give our children a safe place to play.

Elgin Fire Department

The Elgin Fire Department consists of 13 volunteer firemen, 5 of which are Level 1 firefighters. All of the firemen have First Aid and CPR knowledge and are trained in modern day firefighting.

The fire truck holds 500 gallons of water as well as all their tools and breathing apparatuses. Extra water trucks are at their disposal when needed.

Elgin Community Fund

The Elgin Community Fund was formed in 1999. All finances are administered by the Brandon and Area Foundation. The Elgin Fund committee decides where the available funds are to be allocated within our community each year. Any organization can apply for said funds by filling out an application form before the end of September on the following website, www.bacf.ca. Cards are available at the Elgin store or museum for anyone wishing to make a donation to the fund or in memory of someone. All donations are gratefully accepted.

Elgin Bridal Shower Committee

The Elgin Bridal Shower Committee was started in 2005. A committee of six volunteer to hold a fund-raiser in order to have some funds available for expenses of upcoming bridal showers. This committee is responsible for getting a group together to convene a shower.


Established in 1899, Fairfax is located on Highway #23, 5 miles west of Highway #23, 5 miles west of highway 10 and .5 mile south on paved P.R. 444.

Fairfax has much to offer:

  • Municipal machine shop
  • Full postal services
  • Playground
  • Park area
  • War memorial
  • Tranquility and fresh air

Fun Facts

Local resident Welland Dalzell founded Inventronics located in Brandon, Manitoba. This manufacturing plant services North America.